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Phil's Gang is an innovative service that provides stock market investing education information in financial markets. Our members are taught with core essential strategies when it comes to investing by using stock charts. Our service is designed for students of all experience levels who are serious about enhancing their own investing performance.


Our members will attest to the fact that no one can call the stock market with such precision like Phil Grande can!


Meet Phil Grande

At 23 years old, Phil Grande became a millionaire in his own right through investing in land and various other real estate ventures. Oil, furniture, and even lumber businesses have given Phil his keen perspective on the business world as a whole. Phil had obtained his unique perspective not only on Wall Street but with life in general, which was brought about by his many experiences starting out at a very young age of 16, in which he was a professional “extreme” skier, and trainer as this taught him the competitive edge.


We Teach You
How To Be Successful

Coffee Talk - Phil goes over the markets every morning before they open.
Live Trading Class - Phil and Steve start at 9:30 AM going over the market finishing with Q&A.
Working Investor - Steve & Phil gives you the 5 daily stocks, tips, and more.
Market Wrap - A summary of what happened throughout the day.
Live Alerts - Phil keeping you informed on the market and individual stocks.
Full Video Library -Training Videos, Support Videos, Phil’s Wednesday Updates, and more
Full Access to Phil’$ Tool Box - includes Daily Info, Phil’s 5 Stocks and more.
And more..

Our Members Say

  • Bought both Alaska airlines, and carnival cruise lines and both stocks are doing well. I'm so glad I rejoined the gang and got out of the penny stock trap!   Gang Member Jeff H
  • I am 70 years old. I'm retired and have and MBA, in business/economics. Every time I think maybe the world isn't insane but maybe I am, I just have to listen to Phil and I am comforted in the fact that I am 100% sane. His explanation of where we have been and where we are going (economy/stockmarket) in class today and why Gold will keep going up is classic. Simply beautiful. Tell him to keep teaching, he's got a very important message to tell! Gang Member- Glen H
  • Kudos gang. Thank you for all I have learned from you all. When I am on the interstate I even put my cruise control on an odd number 😅 ( A traders inside joke ) 🤜🏻🤛🏻   GM- Russ S.
  • Steve,

    Just wanted to drop you a note this morning.

    I really like what phil has been doing in the morning. Think it helps a bunch.

    Sure some of its repetitive  but it really pounds some sense into you.

    Been going thru stocks like you suggested, looking for w’s.  and that helped me see that oil’s are starting to setup again.

    You spotting people wanting to buy at tops and not when the trend starts is a big help too.

    All these things have helped me.

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    David K

  • Hi,
    Thank you so much for all the information and work you do, it's awesome,
    it takes away the feeling of being a little duck floating in a barrel waiting to be picked off by the pro's.
    Have an awesome weekend and Best of Luck with your soon to arrive Baby!
  • Hey Steve and Phil, First, happy 4th of July weekend! Next, thanks for everything - you guys continue to amaze me with your education and support. I'm using Pro 2 as a Working Investor - which BTW, is just a perfect program for me and my busy work schedule! :-) Eric B.
    Hello Steve...I just covered a short, X PRO1, as it hit support as per your teaching. Made great money! It then snapped back. If it eventually breaks support, I'll simply get back in.
    You guided me into the position, and you showed me how to profit from it.
    Thanks! Again.....
      "The Grateful Fred" 😁
  • Steve,
    First of all I want to thank you for all your hard work. I have been a member for 10yrs? and have been to busy to utilize everything. But in Feb I had the time and jumped in feet first.  The training available is really good and wished it was there when I first joined. I always go to Phil when the market dipped and he's been spot on. Nobody is better.  Thanks.
    David P.
  • just sending a thank you for ur service doin very well with the p.g. team and the education i've implemented into my trading strategies. been a p.g. member off n on for a few years now but decided to do exactly what u suggest this time around n couldn't be happier   Randy A.
  • Dear Steve,
    I truly like Phil because he tells the truth regarding the economy, Wall Street, the Middle class and the inequality of the
    Federal Reserve monetary policies which benefit Wall Street more than the middle class. I never miss his Radio Shows on You Tube.
    Ralph N
  • Took profits, from $25,000 to $280,000 in about 2 months. Now going long again. Thank you, glad I got back into the Gang! The charts are a huge help!

    Al T.

  • Good morning Steve,
    I am having a great year so far investing with you and the rest of “Phil’s Gang”.  For years I did not know what I was doing and lost money.  I am finally making money and have made much of what I had lost in previous years back.  Thank you for all you do.
    Mark R
  • I really enjoyed Phil's segment today in the class.  I am learning a lot from him and Steve.
    I am hoping to create good trading habits with your service. When Steve or Phil  talked about not buying on the way down, I felt I was being talked to.  That was how I learned to buy. It made sense because I was getting stocks at lower prices. I shake my head when I think of how bad I truly was as an investor/trader.
    I am looking to be better disciplined and I'll be looking your way for guidance.
    Thanks for the great job!
    Mike N.
  • Steve,
    I have a success/funny story to tell you.  While listening to Phil's class, he was showing us how to day trade and put  Boeing up on the screen.  I saw it was going to go up, I got excited,  and took a chance to buy.  I actually bought 1 option, which I know is a little different/risky.  Well, the stock was going up while Phil was talking, but he had to hand it over to you.  So, I couldn't see the stochastics chart and thought what do I do now?  Since I didn't have the MV3 chart service, I figured get out while I can.  Well, I made a huge profit!  I saw that I could have actually made a little more, but I don't want to get greedy.
    Anyway, I have since subscribed to the serious chartist and will hopefully be one of your success stories.  Then I can donate to St Jude! 🙂
    Below are my screen shots, of my trades, showing  $451.00 in 14 minutes!  I realize this was beginners luck, but I am getting the hang of this and excited about the future. Now you can tell Phil's Gang members that even new students can make a nice profit.
    See you on the charts
  • Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for the Saturday program. Have been a gang member for many years and still will pick up a new tidbit of information. Thanks again, Andy
  • Hi Phil's Gang
    I truly enjoy your radio show! Its awesome learning what's pulling the levers behind the curtain.
    Thank you,
    Charlie R
  • Steve,
    I thought your webinar was fantastic. Great presentation . I always like to learn.I thought you explained the " advanced order "; or " conditional order the best I've heard it explained. I'm sure this will help many people.
    Once again , thank you tremendously for a great "question & answer" webinar.
  • Steve,
    I greatly appreciate you providing your time and expertise explaining in your tutorial class giving detailed explanation how to make better trades.
    With your classes and the charts I feel so much more comfortable making trades and not reacting to daily volatility.
    Thank you and the group.
    Dale M
  • Steve,
    It's been a month since I've been back in the gang, and I just wanted to give you a thumbs up on my progress.  I don't have a lot of money I'm working with right now (25K), but I'm up 5% in one month!
    Timing is everything in life, and the week I joined the gang, I was laid off from my job.  But there's always a silver lining, so I'm utilizing this time to listen to Phil's coffee talk and sometimes catch your trading classes. I take notes every day and really enjoy learning from you guys.
    I'm excited about the minerals I have,  and I'm also excited about my comfort level in following your charts.
    On a side note, I remember Phil talking about 401K's and how we're screwed if we can't get out.  Fortunately, I have a very good 401K at one of my previous employers and I was able to move all my money into the most conservative funds.  Because you guys saw this market getting ready to crash (I knew it was going to happen also), I only lost 5%.
    Hope you had a good weekend and I'll see you on the charts.
  • HI Steve, Just wanted to thank you for a great webinar and for being so generous as to take time out of your Saturday to teach us. You are a great teacher and have been very patient and acknowledging of all the questions, no matter how simple they were. I appreciate it very much! Best, Emily P. MD
  • Hello Steve, First, thank you for the support you provide. I joined recently on the recommendation of a good friend and I am blown away by the high quality of your service! Best, Veronica K.
  • Thank you for your time, expertise and guidance. Very inspiring!🤗🌈
    Tararita V.
  • Steve - Fantastic webinar... I enjoy your teachings, also I came down to the Saturday November class you had @ the office. My confidence level has grown and I'm doing well. Thank you, Mark G.
  • Phil actually gives an excellent overview of what the whole program is all about. Never forget to tell the new students, "You think you missed it?" "You haven't missed nothing yet". That really makes a new student feel great by imagining the possibilities. It's, "When the vix is high, you buy, & when the vix is low, you go. You guys are great, Tom H
  • Hey Steve.
    Glad y'all did. You guys are the best !!
    While I try to listen to every broadcast, I don't always get to.
    You guys are way ahead of the curve !!
  • Hi, I am a new member and am just getting SOOO much out of your classes and instruction, and wanted to thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. Gang Member- Rob S.
  • That’s great Steve, It works really well    I really like these new charts.  Gary
  • Good Evening Steve:

    I listen to you everyday in the “working investor” segment and I really appreciated your excellent explanation on Lockheed Martin (LMT) stock direction and buy-in point.

    You said, to wait until LMT is above $370.36 (add some) and then $373.00 with an engulfing green bar (add more), thanks again!

    You guys be safe and please continue to go over LMT in the working investor discussions.

    Best regards,



  • Steve, I've screwed up more trades than I can count by moving too fast and not utilizing ALL the necessary factors. Still, just by believing in your chart, I'm over 23% profit in my first cash-in 4 months. Today is a perfect hands on, money on the line, working example of what you've been trying to pound into my thick head. Setting stops tight without fear of stopping out too soon - easy with free trades & margin account. Correctly understanding and utilizing the developing "W" , or lack of,  on the line charts. Understanding and correctly navigating moving averages and resistance. Factoring volume. Being patient. These three stock scenarios along with the entry numbers you provided, demonstrated the correct method and use of all the tools to be successful. Today, the blocks fell in the right holes. 😎  U DA MAN!
  • Thank you again Steve, and a huge thank you to everyone at Phil’s Gang! I was able to pull my longs about a week before the covid crash.
    Bill C.
  • Hi Steve, I just want to thank you for the tremendous job you are doing. While I haven't made much of a gain yet, I am really learning how to invest wisely. Phil, Will, and you really are the real thing! Thanks, Bob
  • Steve - thank you for the informative class.  I was encouraged when you said it was confusing to you at first, but once you understood the methodology, it all clicked for you.  I'm gaining more confidence every day, and made some money as I'be been learning.  I've always been a good student, so I know it's just a matter of time before I get really proficient.
    Keep up the great work.
    Working Investor Doug
  • To Steve, Phil and staff, I want to thank you all SO much for the great education.  We just had 1 of the biggest crashes in history and thanks to you I was prepared for it.  Phil warned us that the crash would happen and it would be big. I was a gang member in Jan.2018 when he warned us about the 1st phase of the crash. He tells us the truth of how Washington affects Wall street, the signs of a failing economy like declining durable goods, yield curve, housing starts, GDP and he does a great job teaching us what each means. I always practice what I was taught by you about profit taking Friday and because of the signs Phil taught us I stopped holding positions overnight in mid January. I was able to make money every day of this crash by scalping many short and some long positions using 1, 5 and 15 minute charts.  I value the way Phil taught me how to identify trend by using a bigger time frame, The Sweet spot with the stochastic and how to buy a breakout with advanced orders. It all helped me to be a better trader. Gang Member- Mike L
  • Rayna
    I find your suggestions on various stocks before we start buying or shorting are always spot on!!!! Steve is doing a great job with new & experienced members.
    Denver, CO
  • Josh
    Dear Phil’s Gang team, I really appreciate the new Working Investor program. Joining Phil’s Gang has been great!!
    Chicago, IL
  • Brett

    I am a new Phil’s Gang member and I really enjoy the content of the program so far. Thanks for all your help!

    South Pasadena, CA
  • John
    I really enjoyed today’s training class and feel like I learned a lot from it. I love when Phil goes into the mechanics and logic of the technical parameters like he did today.
    Apollo Beach, FL

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