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About Our Program

Phil's Gang is an innovative service that provides stock market investing education information in financial markets. Our members are taught with core essential strategies when it comes to investing by using stock charts. Our service is designed for students of all experience levels who are serious about enhancing their own investing performance.


Our members will attest to the fact that no one can call the stock market with such precision like Phil Grande can!


Meet Phil Grande

At 23 years old, Phil Grande became a millionaire in his own right through investing in land and various other real estate ventures. Oil, furniture, and even lumber businesses have given Phil his keen perspective on the business world as a whole. Phil had obtained his unique perspective not only on Wall Street but with life in general, which was brought about by his many experiences starting out at a very young age of 16, in which he was a professional “extreme” skier, and trainer as this taught him the competitive edge.


We Teach You
How To Be Successful

Coffee Talk - Phil goes over the markets every morning before they open.
Live Trading Class - Phil and Steve start at 9:30 AM going over the market finishing with Q&A.
Working Investor - Steve & Phil gives you the 5 daily stocks, tips, and more.
Market Wrap - A summary of what happened throughout the day.
Live Alerts - Phil keeping you informed on the market and individual stocks.
Full Video Library -Training Videos, Support Videos, Phil’s Wednesday Updates, and more
Full Access to Phil’$ Tool Box - includes Daily Info, Phil’s 5 Stocks and more.
And more..

Our Members Say

  • Dear Phil, Thank you for your show. I was playing a stupid multi player game last year and doing pretty well, but I realized I was wasting hours of time and getting NOTHING. I decided to make learning what you teach and spend the same time and effort on that. In all, my IRA is up 37%, my Roth is up 65%, and my individual is up, well, I don't really know because funds have moved to other accounts and money has been made on other things, but considerably. I will be making a donation to St. Jude as a thank you. Todd Sorry I am a little late to the AMC scorecard, but here is my pickup over three days... AMC Spreadsheet
  • Rayna
    I find your suggestions on various stocks before we start buying or shorting are always spot on!!!! Steve is doing a great job with new & experienced members.
    Denver, CO
  • Josh
    Dear Phil’s Gang team, I really appreciate the new Working Investor program. Joining Phil’s Gang has been great!!
    Chicago, IL
  • Brett

    I am a new Phil’s Gang member and I really enjoy the content of the program so far. Thanks for all your help!

    South Pasadena, CA
  • John
    I really enjoyed today’s training class and feel like I learned a lot from it. I love when Phil goes into the mechanics and logic of the technical parameters like he did today.
    Apollo Beach, FL

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