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Financial Advice

This is a teaching format and this is NOT a managed fund. This is for training purposes only. Phil does not recommend any stocks for the purpose of your portfolio. It is not to be assumed or inferred that Phil has bought any or all of the stocks shown.

Intelligent Approach

The system that we train you in has been tested for the last 20 years and has shown itself to be highly effective. In the simplest of terms, this intelligent way of investing and trading works!

The Next Step

 Please watch our introduction videos BELOW. You can go on to watch videos under class u0026amp; updates, but we suggest scrolling over Phil’s Tool Box and click on Pattern Recognition!

Getting You Prepared For Profits

The proper foundation is key to being a successful investor. The video to the left is just the beginning to your New Member Introduction.  

Scout Power System

The scout power system is an excellent tool to get you started with intelligent trading.

Stops Explained

Teaching you how to protect your investments is vital to intelligent trading. 

Intro To The MV 2

Our Max Vest charts are some of the best tools used in trading and investing today.

EXCELLENT! Now you’re ready for the next step. Click on Pattern Recognition!


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