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Phil Grande's Bio

The Phil's Gang radio show syndicated Coast to Coast by the ‘Off the Wall Street Radio Network”® 
As the creator and host of "Phil’s Gang® Radio Show", Phil Grande is the man, who coined the phrase,  “I’m going to tell you what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know!” 
No one can call the Stock Market with such precision like Phil Grande can! In May of 2007, Phil said, “This market is going to crash and had his “Gang Members” short their positions. He has called every market crash and rally ever since with extreme precision and accuracy. Oct 2008 Phil once again called the crash accurately and his members are up 30% with their stocks!
Phil has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has used his business skills to take over privately held companies, which were in or near bankruptcy and reorganize them. Phil would identify their illness and write a prescription to bring them back to health by replacing management, funding them with his own capital, and through private placement.
The big six accounting firm, Arthur Young and Venture Magazine honored Phil in 1987 as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the United States”.  Phil's holding company also made the prestigious INC MAGAZINE ANNUAL INC 500 LIST, which identifies and honors this nation 500 fastest growing privately held companies.
Phil had obtained his unique perspective not only on Wall Street but with life in general, which was brought about by his many experiences starting out at a very young age of 16, in which he was a professional “extreme” skier, and trainer as this taught him the competitive edge.
At 23 years old, Phil had become a millionaire in his own right through investing in land and various other real estate ventures. Oil, furniture, and even lumber business’s have given Phil his keen perspective on the business world as a whole.
It was when Phil decided to take his privately held company public was his interest in the stock market and Wall St .occur. And it was this experience that brought enlightenment to Phil as he watched and learned in amazement the corruptions and fallacies of Wall Street.
How did Phil get involved with Phil’s Gang?
Now some 40 years have past since Phil had decided to become something no one, including himself ever thought he would do and that was to become a radio talk show host. It was because of Phil’s own personal experience as a parent, that  he became determined to try to make a difference in a sick child's life with whatever skills he had.
If he could only raise money on a regular basis to send these sick children to Paul Newman’s Camp Boggy Creek for sick kids, he would put whatever means and energies he had to try and accomplish this. Phil would become one of the nations leading experts of how the trades are made and to teach people “how not to lose their hard earned money, then all he asked was that these people he taught would send some of their earnings to the camp for kids as well as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Phil presently resides in Sarasota County, Florida with his business partner and wife Marta.