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To help raise the awareness and money for charitable organizations who dedicate their services helping sick children stricken by cancer and other negative life altering diseases.

The late Paul Newman was our inspiration to help these sick children as well as Phil's own personal experience as a father of a child stricken with this dreaded disease called cancer.

Thank God that his son has recovered completely and lives a productive and happy life!

The R.O.C.K Camp for sick kids and St. Jude's Children's Hospital are the two main charities we support. Every year the Phil's Gang Members donate with large hearts and through their generous support really help the children through some of their toughest challenges they will probably ever have to face.

All Phil asks is, "if I teach you how not to lose your hard earned money, but how to create wealth by using my simple 25 Share Power System using technical analysis through charting and not "fundamentals" ( which is just noise),  then won't you please donate to these children's charities for me? I don't want your money, I want you to stop listening to the elitist's on some of those lame cable TV channels and radio programs who's only addenda is either their own ego's or generating ad revenues!" R-U-NUTS?!"

Thank you everyone and I'll See You on the Charts!

With Gratitude,

Your Host,
Phil Grande