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1.How do I become a member or how can I sign up?

A: Click here: https://www.philsgang.com/membermanager.aspx?new=1

2. What is the cost of membership?

A: Click here: http://www.philsgang.com/pricing2014.aspx

3. What broker does Phil's Gang® use?

A: Click here: http://www.philsgang.com/interactive.aspx

4. Can I pay with a check or money order?

A: You can pay with a check or money order as long as you pay for 6 months of service in advance. Email billing@philsgang.com to make this type of purchase.

5. Do I need to sign a contract for a certain amount of time i.e. am I obligated to be a member for X amount of months?

A: No you do not have to sign a time contract, you can cancel at anytime, but you do have to “Accept” that you have read our “Terms of Service”. Also, there is no cancellation fee.


6. Do I need to be a “Gang Member” in order to subscribe to Phil’s Talking Trader®?

A: No, you can subscribe to whichever product you would like but note that “Gang Members” receive a discounted rate on Phil's Software as mentioned in the pricing page.

7. If I want to edit my account or profile, can I do this and how?

A: Yes you can, just login so the system will recognize who you are and click on “Manage Account”, make sure if you make any changes that you scroll down and click “Update” to finalize the change. If you make a change to your products or subscriptions you must select your credit card then check-in the “Accept” box and click “Update”.

A: Yes! You can change and/or update your credit card too! To do this simply login so the system will recognize who you are. On the top navigation bar, click on the “Manage Account” link. Click edit next to "Add/change credit card info" Once you make your changes, be sure to scroll down the page and click the “Update” tab to finalize the change. If you make a change to your products or subscriptions, you must select your credit card then check the “Accept” box and the “Update" tab.

Note: in most cases you will need to log out then log back in to reset your browser in order to re-establish service.

8. How can I cancel my account or products?

A: Same as number 7 make sure to login so the system recognizes you then click on “Manage Account ” then click the edit button next to “Add/Change Products” and simply un-select the box next to the product or subscription you wish to cancel, then scroll down select the “Accept” box and click “Update”.

Note: Be sure to cancel at least one (1) day before your billing date or you will be charged for an additional month. Absolutely NO REFUNDS!

9. How do I know what date I will be billed on?

A: You will always be billed on the anniversary of the date on which you signed up, if you sign up on the 23rd you will be billed on the 23rd, if you sign up for each product on separate days you will be billed on the same day you signed up on each product.

10. I have a question for Phil, how can I contact him?

A: Phil would love to respond to your questions. However, due to the high demand as well as his very hectic scheduling, Phil is unable to respond personally. However, just email your questions to JR at jr@philsgang.com and he will forward them onto Phil.

Many of the emails we receive are similar questions so Phil will address them in class and when giving his updates. If Phil is unable to get to your question, it will be sent to one of our trainers for review. Please keep in mind everything we do is for training purposes so please ask specific questions about your stock(s). Again, Phil receives tons of email so please, have patience! Should you have a question during the morning classes, send your email question to JR at jr@philsgang.com or call 877-600-GANG (4264).

11. I am having some issues with or I would like to add a ticker (stock) symbol to the PTT1® or PTT2®, can someone help me?

A: please email ptt@philsgang.com or support@philsgang.com for support or requests. Phil's staff is not automated and we are working around the clock to make sure we help you as quickly and efficiently as possible!