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Phil is the "Off the Wall Street" Maverick!!


As the host and creator of "PHIL'S GANG® Radio Show", Phil Grande is the man, who coined the phrase,

“I’m going to tell you what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know!”

In doing so, no one can call the Stock Market with such precision quite like Phil Grande can!

Phil has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has used his business skills to take over privately held companies, which were in or near bankruptcy and reorganize them. Phil would identify their illness and write a prescription to bring them back to health by replacing management, funding them with his own capital, and through private placement.

The big six accounting firm, Arthur Young and Venture Magazine honored Phil in 1987 as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the United States”. Phil's holding company also made the prestigious INC MAGAZINE ANNUAL INC 500 LIST which identifies and honors this nation's 500 fastest growing privately held companies.

PHIL'S GANG® was created to raise money for the purpose of helping send children who have cancer to the Paul Newman's ROCK summer camp. After Phil experienced the horrors of having a child struggle to survive cancer, he was determined to try and make a difference in a sick child's life with whatever skills and energy he had.

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PHIL'S GANG® is the brainchild of Phil Grande, along with his stock Dog "Bud-Z". Later he was joined by his now spouse/partner Marta.

Phil is you're host daily Monday - Friday, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST. PHIL'S GANG® is the country's premier stock market educational resource that tells you exactly what Wall Street does not want you to know!

Tune in to Phil daily, as he helps you learn how to navigate the markets with humorous, comprehensive and independent knowledge you simply cannot find anywhere else!


What blows my mind about people in the stock market is, this is the only business that a sales person, sold you a stock for $70 and calls you and tells you it's only worth $55 and you're happy. Then you buy more. That would be like the guy who sold you a car for $45k, and on the same day, he calls you and tells you it's now worth $25k, and you're not only happy but buy another one!

Every day I thank God that I can do something I enjoy. I love to teach. I was the youngest person ever to be certified as a professional ski instructor. I also at one time taught students how to fly helicopters.

Now, the biggest challenge of my life is to teach people, how not to lose money in the market. It's tough to do. Wall Street for years has 'brain washed' the most brilliant of people. People really want to believe, that they can give money to a stranger, and these people will really care about their wellbeing.

It amazes me when I talk to people I meet, who do not know me as a radio personality, and we talk about the market. They can give you all the reasons why a stock went down, like that of IBM, what went wrong with the company and what it does. With all the knowledge of fundamentals of IBM, you would think they would have made millions, but instead they lost a bundle. What is funny is that they use the knowledge to justify the loss.

That is dumb money, pure and simple. Why is it they don't say to themselves, knowing all the fundamentals, how the hell could I be losing? Isn't there a better way? But no, they wait for the company to develop another product in hopes they will get the money back they lost.

I explain that fundamentals are crap and noise. Why not go to where the truth is, THE CHARTS. Think of it like this, a family member is in a car wreck, you go to the hospital and the doctor took a series of X-rays. The doctor tells you the prognosis of the victim. How many times, instead of taking his word, you wish you had the knowledge to read the X-ray charts yourself, so you really knew!

Companies are ill and you're listening to a sales person, to tell you what is wrong. Why don't you learn how to read the charts, like the X-ray and you be the doctor. Then you can prescribe the medicine that will cure your sick stock account.

I just want to know, what direction the market is headed, or the individual stock. I could care less what the company does. I also want to make money, when a company falls, as well as when it's going up. I want to know if the margin, the cash flow, and the earnings momentum, are better each month. The chart provides that information, not CNBC talkies or a guest.

The following questions keep me awake at night!

Why do people not use a stop? Why is it when a stock goes from $20-$100 then stops going up they don't ask why? Why is that as soon as a stock breaks the 200 day moving average the stock will fall like a rock and people never place a stop under the 200 day moving average? Why is it people think just because a stock is a stock it's going to go up? Why is it people will say stupid things like, "it can't go any lower or it's a good company", when they never sat at a board of directors meeting or sat with the companies CFO? Why is it that parents tell children not to trust anyone but it's the parent that gives thousands of dollars to strangers?

I just hope each day I can change some person who is dumb money to smart money. Then I hope they show appreciation by sending a donation to the American Cancer Society for Boggy Creek camp to help kids with cancer.